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8445850488 or +18445850488


Joan Pope commented 2019-11-07
Bank of America? Ironically, I got a text yesterday morning from ACTUAL Bank of America because of a fraudulent charge on my credit card to some website called "" (LOTS of complaints about *that* site when I googled *it*, BTW). So, my card is being cancelled, and a new one being issued, and they checked about some OTHER charges, and I was going, "Yeah, that's legit; yeah, that other one is legit; those other two? Think those are my husband's (turned out they were also legit). But I spent half the morning. Good to know that this is spam, so I will block the number.

Alex * commented 2019-08-31
Spam calls were received from this number.

Satan Claus * commented 2019-08-27
There are 44 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Bank Of America Dept.".

Felicia * commented 2019-08-22
When I called back, an automatic voice informed me that this number does not exist, so how could he call me?

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